3D Dominant Color Desktop Wallpapers at ewolwe.com

Click on thumbnail to see the color desktop wallpapers at full size (allow time for high quality JPEG file to download) and then right-click on the image and choose "Save Picture As..." / "Set As Wallpaper",
right-click the color wallpaper thumbnail and choose "Save Target As..." to directly save the 3D color wallpaper on your computer.

3D_Desktop_Wallpapers_Ripples1   3D_Desktop_Wallpapers_Ripples3   3D_Desktop_Wallpapers_Ripples2   3D_Desktop_Wallpapers_Ripples4

3D_Desktop_Wallpapers_Ripples5   3D_Desktop_Wallpapers_Blue Blocks   3D_Desktop_Wallpapers_Orange Blocks   3D_Desktop_Wallpapers_Chrome Blocks

Desktop_Wallpapers_Spotlights   3D_green_wallpaper_confetti

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